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Design Your Home Office for Success with These Strategies
Article by Tina Martin of Ideaspired

Working from home is helping many professionals salvage their careers despite the economic downturn. If you’re one of the many business owners operating out of your living room, it might be time to move toward establishing an at-home workspace to suit your needs.

If buying or selling property to make room for your business is in the cards for you, ChuckTownsend can help you navigate the real estate landscape. Or, try these other ideas for designating an office area that’s perfect for your home-based work.

Make Your Business Feel at Home

Running a company from home may have you feeling like an imposter in the professional realm. But having a dedicated workspace where you can take important calls, handle business maintenance tasks, and perform client work may be the change you need to feel like a pro.

Changing dynamics in the workforce also mean you’re not the only one enjoying a shorter commute and better productivity. Whether you plan to maintain your business long-term or are aiming to make ends meet over the next few months, you’re in good company because plenty of from-home startups are gaining popularity despite the recession.

Even better, the uptick in remote work means there are more resources than ever to support your home office’s operations.

Outfit Your Office Space Like A Pro

Equipping your office with the tech, furniture, and other equipment necessary for daily business is a crucial step. Instead of hunching over your laptop or hiding away in the closet for peace and quiet, outline a plan for how you’ll house your in-home brand.  There are multiple ideas for making your home office more inviting and comfortable. Here are items that you might find very helpful.

Overhaul the Spare Room

Using a spare bedroom or similar is the easiest way to move your business into its own space. Whether you’re working at a desk or packaging products, overhauling the area is the first step towards settling in. Declutter and organize the area to keep your workspace and mind clear. Then, invest in furniture pieces that are functional and easy on your body, too.

Design a Brand-New Build

Sure, bump-outs and second stories are an option – albeit an expensive one. But maybe assembling a backyard shed or even a yurt can help you gain extra square footage for an office space. Take unconventional options into consideration while sketching out your building plans. Niche building companies can even deliver and assemble a modular building to suit your business needs, reports an article in Toronto Life.

Settle in and Scale Upward

Having the room to lay out your professional projects and take business calls in private is invaluable. But outfitting your new space to achieve growth is your next task. Prioritize productivity by adding tech like a white noise machine to drown out distractions. In fact, studies suggest that background noise improves learning. Let sunlight in for a natural energy boost, too, suggests Elemental Green.

Arranging your office for heightened focus and comfort can help you scale your business activities and make the most of your working hours.

Think About Buying a Home to Address Your Business Needs

Buying a new home may be the right step towards meeting your personal and professional goals. Upgrading to a floorplan with enough space for your home office may sound delightful, too. Plenty of home-based business owners successfully arrange their living spaces to combine work and play.

However, it’s essential to cover all your bases when preparing to buy. Knowing how much you can afford, determining what area you want to settle in, and connecting with a trustworthy real estate agent are all crucial steps. Also, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations regarding business registration; if you plan to register as a California-LLC, for example, you’ll need to make sure you can easily comply with those guidelines. Then, it’s time to start searching for available properties that fit your lifestyle and wish list.

Getting your office area set up can relieve stress and help you feel more focused throughout the workday. But if you lack the space for anything more than a lap desk, there are options. Think it might be time to start shopping for a new property to make room for your growing company? If so, contact Chuck Townsend to find out what homes are about to hit your local market. One of them might be perfect for you and your brand.

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~ Thom & Sue

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