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Whether it is assistance with Cal Vet or VA home ownership, we want to help and walk you through the necessary logistics of finding and purchasing your home.

My family members have taken advantage of government programs and we have been advocates for veteran benefits for years.  Let me assist you to find your home.



Property Constraints and Perspective

VA has no specific property constraints regarding dwelling size, room counts, quality of construction or repair of specific code violations.

MPR’s for Existing and New Construction

♦  Property Access
Access to the Site: Each property must have access from a public or private street. The street must have an all-weather surface.

Private streets must be protected by permanent easement and maintained by an HOA or joint maintenance agreement.

Access to the Unit and Rear Yard: The unit must have access without passing through another unit. Each living unit must be able to be used and maintained individually without trespass upon adjoining properties. Required easements must run with the land.
Rear yard must have access without passing through any other living unit. For a row-type dwelling, the access may be by means of alley, easement, passage through the dwelling, or other acceptable means.

Access for Wall Maintenance: There must be adequate space between buildings to permit maintenance of the exterior walls.

♦  Property Characteristics

Entity: The property must be a single, readily marketable real estate entity.
Use: The use must be primarily residential. If a portion of the property has non-residential use, it must not impair the residential character of the property or exceed 25% of the total gross floor area. Provide total square feet of commercial use and total square feet of residential use.

Living Area and Facilities: Each unit must have sanitary facilities and enough space to assure suitable living, sleeping, cooking and dining.

Laundry, storage, heating and other facilities may be shared in 2-4 unit buildings.
Utilities: Utilities (water, sewer, gas, electricity) must be independent for each unit. Several units under one ownership may share utilities if there are separate shutoffs.
Individual utilities must not cross another unit unless there is permanent legal right of access for repair and maintenance

Units under separate ownership may share common utilities (such as shared well) provided that the connections are protected by easement or covenant and (that) there is an acceptable maintenance agreement.
Mechanical Systems: Mechanical systems must be safe to operate, be protected from destructive elements, be of adequate capacity and quality, and have reasonable future utility.

Heat: Heat must be adequate for healthful and comfortable living conditions. If wood- burning stove is primary heat source then there must also be a conventional system that will maintain at least a 50 degree temperature in the plumbing areas.
If Solar system is primary heat/hot water source then there must be a “backup” system which will provide equivalent (100%) utility.

Unvented space heaters or fireplace: Provide detailed comments on Unvented Space Heaters that use liquid or gaseous fuel, or any Unvented Fireplace. There are additional requirements (not part of the appraisal) that must be added to the Value Notice by VA or the LAPP Lender.

Electricity: Each unit must have adequate electricity for lighting and necessary equipment.

Water and Wells: Each unit must have a continuing supply of potable (drinkable) water along with domestic hot water. Connection to public water is required whenever feasible.
Water quality from an individual water supply must meet the requirements of the local health authority. If no local health authority then EPA guidelines apply. Water must be potable from the source, independent of any individual treatment system.

A shared well must be capable of producing adequate water for each property simultaneously. There must be a permanent easement to allow access for maintenance and repair. There must be a recorded well-sharing agreement which provides for repair and maintenance of the system.

A Community Well must be sufficient for the project and water quality must be approved by local or State Health Officials.

Health department approved cisterns will be accepted when public water is not available and when safe, potable water cannot be obtained from drilled wells.
Sanitary Facilities, Sewage and Septic: Each unit must have sanitary facilities and a safe method of sewage disposal. Connection to public sewer is required whenever feasible.
Individual and Community sewage disposal systems must operate properly. Pit privies are permitted where they are customary and are the only feasible means of disposal. They must be installed in a manner recommended by the local health authority. If there are no local health authority requirements then U.S. Public Health Service requirements apply.
Roof: The roof must prevent the entrance of moisture and have at least five years remaining useful life. All old shingles must be removed if a defective roof has three or more layers.

Ventilation: There must be sufficient natural ventilation in areas such as attics and crawl spaces to minimize the effects of excess heat and moisture.

Crawl Space: The crawl space must have adequate access, be properly vented and clear of all debris. Excessive dampness or ponding of water must be corrected.
Floor joists must be high enough to allow access for maintenance and repairs of ductwork and plumbing.

Party Walls: A party wall constructed at the property line must extend the full height of the building (foundation to roof ridge). The wall may separate semi-detached or row units.

♦  Defective Conditions
Site: The site must be properly graded to provide positive drainage (away from the dwelling), and to prevent water from ponding. Ground cover must be stabilized to prevent erosion.

Improvements: Any condition impairing the safety, sanitation or structural soundness of the property must be corrected so that the probability of further damage is eliminated.
Some of these conditions include defective construction, poor workmanship, excessive dampness, leakage, decay, evidence of continuing settlement, and termites.
Specific examples of common problems include rotted exterior wood trim, peeling paint, roof leaks, broken windows, plumbing leaks and exposed electric wiring.
Other examples include damage caused by infestation, fungus growth or dry rot.
Lead-Based and Defective Paint: Defective paint (cracking, scaling, peeling, chipping or loose) on homes built prior to 1978 will be considered lead based and must be corrected. Defective paint on homes built after 1978 should be corrected only if it poses a threat to the security of the of the improvements.

♦  Other Hazards
Onsite: The property must be free of hazards (such as subsidence or flood or erosion problems) which may adversely affect the health and safety of the occupants, the structural soundness of the improvements, or which may impair the customary use and enjoyment of the property by the occupants.

Offsite: High Voltage Electric Transmission Lines and Gas and Petroleum Pipelines: The dwelling structure must be located outside of the easement area(s). Other onsite improvements can be located in the easement area(s). If a Proposed Construction Dwelling is located outside the Pipeline easement but less than 220 yards away from the centerline, additional conditions apply.

MPR’s for Proposed Construction
♦  Building Codes
All State, County or Local Building Codes apply. If there are none, then VA MPR's are the applicable provisions of the current CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code.
The 1992 CABO Model Energy Code applies either way.

♦  HUD References and Publications
Include as applicable HUD engineering bulletins and releases concerning construction or
materials that have been reviewed and found suitable by HUD, and The Standards and Practices recommended in HUD Handbooks:
4140.1 – Land Planning Principles for Home Mortgage Insurance
4140.2 - Land Planning Procedures and Data for Insurance for Home Mortgage
4140.3 – Land Planning Data Sheet Handbook


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"We were extremely fortunate to have Chuck Townsend represent our interests on the sale of our Auburn home and also our rental condo. Both had unique challenges that would have baffled any agent with less experience and determination. Chuck always kept us updated on every aspect of the transaction and was always available to answer questions. His expertise in every facet of the real estate market consistently exceeded our expectations! We absolutely recommend Chuck to anyone seeking the very best in real estate representation!


~ Jim & Jane

"Chuck was amazing to work with in our recent transaction and closing! He is diligent and a professional! I have respect for his work ethics and hope to work together again soon! Thank you for the great experience and smooth transaction, Chuck! You are truly one of a kind and God Bless! "


~ Lori

"Chuck became more than a Realtor. I knew from the very first meeting, he was a friend and truly had my best interest at heart. He worked tirelessly for me in an impossible situation for the very best outcome. Honestly, through even a disappointment, he was faithful and steadfast, always encouraging and kind. I could not ask for anything more from any person. I am eternally grateful for him walking me through things I knew nothing about with generosity and tenderness and patience. Thank you so very much, Chuck for all your kindness and generosity. He is such a man of integrity, completely trustworthy.


~ Barb

"Chuck impressed me with his professionalism As well as rapid follow up. I would highly recommend him. He also is a great negotiator and tried to get us the most out of the property. A man of integrity" Mike


~ Mike

We are recommending you to everyone we know in the Auburn/Placer area as the realtor of choice for a fabulous, fast and trouble-free experience! Thanks again for all the extra things you took care of for us, all the times you stopped by to check up on various tasks and delivered all the vast amounts of paperwork! Jim & Jane


~ Jim & Jane

Chuck was great to work with. We were looking to move up from San Jose and wanted to find a house in the Auburn area. Chuck lined up a number of homes that met our criteria for us to look at when we came up for our two days of "house hunting" and worked with us long-distance to negotiate and close out the sale of a great house. This included arranging for contractors to bid on and start work on some changes necessary. I would highly recommend Chuck to anyone looking to buy a house in the area.


~ Cindy & Mitch

Never gave up, and checked each prospect to make sure they were serious buyers. He knew what he was taking about, knew what was needed and what would help sell and what would not. Friendly and frank. A pleasure to work with.


~ Will & Sue

"Chuck Townsend has done a wonderful job selling our property. He faced many obstacles on the way but came through beautifully. I would highly recommend Chuck as a realtor. Chuck’s wife Elise is also an asset. She staged the property and everything looked great. I was more than pleased with Chuck as our realtor!" Nancy Flint


~ Nancy

We are very grateful to Chuck Townsend for helping us find a beautiful peice of property in Foresthill. Chuck provided excellent advice on how to evaluate the cost/value of raw land based on how much site work would be required (water, electricity, sewer/septic, etc) and referred us to a contractor to get a preliminary estimate on construction costs. We learned a lot in the process, and were able to make an informed decision. Thank You Chuck!


~ Peter & Pam

Chuck is a professional who knows the ins and outs of the real estate business. He knew exactly what we needed to do as a family in order to get us into our dream home. We are very happy with the service that he provided. He will get the job done for you! We highly recommend Chuck Townsend for all of your real estate needs.


~ Scott & Jennifer

"I wish to recommend Chuck Townsend of Intero Real Estate Services! I have worked with him and his clients for 3 years and find him to be a honest and hard working real estate agent. He is a wonderful man, and takes good care of his listings and purchase clients and has been a great agent to work with over the years. I rate Chuck Townsend with 10/10 stars!!" Donna Delno"


~ Donna

“I must admit that I was blown away with the amount of work that Chuck has done to help us with this transaction. The property was originally offered at a price above market. Chuck did an amazing job of analyzing all of the comps in the area and preparing multiple documents that convinced the seller to move forward with our offer. He helped us resolve the hand full of offers / counter offer issues related to rent back arrangements and other details. He has also taken a huge amount of his time to coordinate all of the follow up activities (inspections, appraisal, etc.) so that the escrow can close without any hitches. If you do not already have an agreement with another Realtor, it would be worth your time to give Chuck a call to see if he can help you.” Thom & Suzanne Kay San Jose, CA


~ Thom & Sue

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